My Wicked Edge

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What We Sharpen

Below is our standard pricing per item. Please contact us for specialty pricing or any questions.
All items are evaluated before sharpening with you, the customer.
All work is explained beforehand, and we stick to any quotes.
Zero surprises, ever.


  • Salon or barber scissors            $30

  • Grooming scissors            $25 - $30

  • Sewing scissors                           $10

All scissors are evaluated beforehand with the customer.
Prices, including any necessary repairs, are quoted.

Clipper Blades

We sharpen Wahl, Andis and Oster blades.

  •  A5 or 5-in-1 blades                    $12

  • Large animal blades                   $15

Please clean.

Replacement combs, cutters available for purchase.


Kitchen, hunting, sport—we do it all!

  • Any length                         $8 / knife

Clean knives before drop off.

Transport knives wrapped in a dish towel to prevent loss or injury.

Bulk sharpening for commercial kitchens is available — contact us for details.

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