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Precision haircuts, grooming, and cooking depend on two things: your skill and the performance of your equipment.
Proper sharpening prolongs the life of your scissors, shears, clippers and knives.


Clipper blades are comprised of two main components: the comb, and the cutter. They are concave in shape, so only the cutting teeth and the back riding edge touch.

We sharpen both blades in the set.

All blades are oiled, sterilized, measured, aligned, tensioned correctly and re-assembled.

Salon and barber Scissors / shears

There are several varieties of blades among hair scissors – beveled, semi-convex, convex – and all require a specific type of sharpening.

All sharpening, even the very best, requires the removal of steel by using an abrasive to cut off the dull or damaged edge.

What sets apart high quality sharpening is the removal of the absolute minimum of steel – usually less than half the width of a human hair.

The single most important factor that determines the lifespan of your shear is the skill level of the sharpener. Proper sharpening will prolong the life of your shears.


Different countries have knives with different steels and cutting edge angles.

We check all angles before sharpening and are consistent on the edge.

Using the appropriate sharpening systems and procedures for each knife we guarantee uniformity of the edge.